We unlock potential where others can’t find the key. We recognize that every author has a strong message to share.

The Savio Republic hinges on the wisdom of collaboration. The Savio Republic combines decades of expertise and knowledge and places value on the author’s content and publishing goals to create a partnership that builds momentum for exponential brand growth. Savio’s core mission is to lift up the best and the brightest voices, and to be a catalyst of influence in the world. Every book is infused with passion and spirit at Savio—our proudest competitive advantage. At Savio Republic, we take pride in giving the Author a customized publishing initiative. Our mission is to ensure that our Authors receive the benefits of traditional publishing and retain all the control of self-publishing.

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We unlock potential where others can’t find the key. We recognize that every author has a strong message to share.

We invest in authors and help them make a greater footprint on the world

We are a nimble alternative to the traditional publishing model

Our efficiency accelerates the publishing process

Savio enables impact


For songs without abeat, we provide the drum. We are in harmony with our authors and are on the forefront of the future of publishing. We help build author platforms, develop content, and publish great books.

We collaborate with the author in a true and distinct way

We create a faster timeline to market

We provide committed editorial support

We determine your best sales strategy

We facilitate massive distribution

We take our authors internationally

 Literature adds to reality. It does not simply describe it C.S. Lewis


“Like an introduction at the beginning of the book, our mission frames all we do. We are literary diamond cutters who bring forth clarity, beauty, and brilliance so that a book’s highest value is realized and rewarded.

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What Made Me Who I Am-final


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Lie to me by the moonlight. Do a fabulous storyF Scott Fitzgerald

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